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Starting point for off-piste skiers and ski tourers 

Splitboard, ski and snowboard tours around LAAX

Ski & Splitboard tours are the quiet alternative to the lively slopes of the ski resort Flims Laax Falera. The variety of tours around the ski destination LAAX alone is great and the Surselva is known far beyond its borders for established freeride destinations like Sedrun or Disentis. You can easily reach both places from Peaks Place by public transport or by car for a day trip.

Freerider im Tiefschnee in der Region Flims Laax Falera


Our tour suggestions for you

Close to the valley station LAAX

Off-piste skiing / freeriding in the LAAX ski resort

If you are looking for the deep snow experience and powder adventure in the ski resort Flims Laax Falera and directly in front of the hotel door Peaks Place, you will find numerous well-marked freeride routes – easily accessible by transport and controlled by the piste patrol. The freeride routes are marked in yellow on the LAAX piste map. Before you decide on a freeride route, find out about the snow and avalanche situation and always follow the instructions of the piste staff.

Skitour und Freeriden in Laax, Pakete & Angebote
Aussicht der Region Flims Laax Falera im Winter

For ski touring beginners

LAAX – Secured ski touring routes

The two marked and secured ski touring routes «Flida» and «Ofen» are perfect for ski touring novices. Secured ascent and descent routes from Flims give you an extra dose of safety.

In case of bad weather and snow conditions and outside the railroad operating hours, the routes remain closed. We at Peaks Place will be happy to inform you about the condition of the route and give you helpful tips along the way.

The perfect hangout venue

Freeride Base LAAX – the hangout venue for freeriders

The Freeride Base is the meeting place for freeriders in the middle of the Flims Laax Falera ski area. It’s the place where tours are planned, weather and snow information is obtained and the latest freeride equipment is discussed. Avalanche courses and guided tours including safety equipment can be booked on site.

Drei Freerider im Tiefschnee in der Region Flims Laax Falera

Freeride and tour guide booking in Laax

Certified mountain guides, freeride and tour guides lead you safely to the untracked powder slopes of Flims Laax Falera. So you can enjoy the off-piste adventure to the fullest and benefit from the know-how and the great experience of your companion. We at Peaks Place are happy to help you find the right mountain guide, freeride and tour guide for your off-piste venture. We work closely with the mountain sports school Grischa.

Aktivitäten im Winter, die in Flims Laax Falera zu machen sind

Freeride checklist – off-piste safely on the road in LAAX

Crevasses, avalanches, snow holes: going next to the secured slopes can be dangerous. Please prepare yourself well before you go next to the slopes. If you are inexperienced in open terrain, choose a secured route or go ski touring with a certified guide.

What you need to do before you go on a tour:

  • Check local avalanche bulletin and weather report.
    Pay attention not only to the current report, but also to the conditions of the past days.
  • Evaluate terrain
    Always choose the tour according to the maximum difficulty level that occurs and matched to your ability. Use the map and the avalanche situation to determine potential danger spots: Shady and sunny slopes, couloirs, etc.
  • Evaluate group members
    Who is going with you? Remember to always tailor the tour to the ability of the weakest participant.
  • Check equipment
    An avalanche transceiver (LVS), avalanche shovel and probe are standard equipment. Before heading out, check the batteries in the avalanche transceiver and do the equipment check with the other group members.
  • Follow 3×3 assessment matrix
    From the planning at home to the descent through the deep snow slope, there are different phases in which the conditions, the terrain and the human factor must be assessed again and again. You should know this matrix.
Winter-Aktivitäten in Laax

Apartments at Peaks Place

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