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Maintenance for your winter equipment

A proper care is important

Tips for your ski equipment

To ensure that you can continue to enjoy carefree vacations at Peaks Place and in the region of Flims Laax Falera next winter, it is important that your winter equipment receives the right care already after the skiing vacations.

Read on and learn our tips on how to store your skis properly and thus enjoy them for as long as possible.

Here we go with our tips!

This is how they like it best

1. Dry your skis and snowboard properly

It is best to dry your skis or snowboard with a piece of cloth directly after skiing. This prevents rust. In addition, the edges remain sharp longer, as corrosion reduces the edge grip.

Nach deinem Skiurlaub braucht deine Winterausrüstung die richtige Pflege

Protection for edges and surface

2. Ski service for your winter equipment

At the end of the winter season, it is important to do a ski service. Minor damage and grooves should be repaired. After that, you can protect the surface of your skis or snowboard with proper ski wax. This way, your ski equipment is well-prepared for the summer months and the surface does not dry out, which would otherwise lose its elasticity.

Also, do not forget to tighten the ski brakes with rubber bands, so that the preload of the skis does not slowly get lost.

Skiraum für Ski und Snowboard im Sporthotel Peaks Place in Laax, Winterausrüstung

It works best with newspaper

3. Drying ski and snowboard boots

Ski and snowboard boots also like it dry! That’s why you should definitely let them dry completely. It is advisable to remove the inner boot – possibly also the inner sole – and stuff it with newspaper. When the shoes are completely dry, you can now put them back together and loosely close the buckles. This way the shoes will keep their shape.

Winterausrüstung, Skischuhe richtig pflegen, Peaks Place in Laax

Avoid UV radiation at all costs

4. Store your equipment properly

To store your winter equipment properly, you should first choose a dry storage place, because damp cellars are bad for the material. Your skis or snowboard should be stored in a ski and snowboard bag. This cover protects your equipment from moisture, UV radiation and scratches. The same applies to the corresponding boots – the plastic becomes porous thanks to the UV radiation and in the worst case, they fall apart.

Raum für Ski und Snowboard der Gäste im Sporthotel Peaks Place in Laax, Skiurlaub mit guter Winterausrüstung

Do not forget to impregnate!

5. Washing your ski clothes

In the past, you used to hear that you should wash your ski clothing as less as possible. But actually the opposite is true: wash your ski clothing regularly so that the breathable pores are freed from any dirt and remain functional.

It’s just important that you follow the care instructions of the clothing. In most cases, you can wash such membrane clothing in the gentle program at 30 degrees, whereby you should use a gentle detergent. Do not use fabric softener, because it blocks the pores of the membrane.

After washing comes the impregnation – optimal would be in several layers and use an environmentally friendly agent. If you iron the impregnation into the textiles at a low temperature, as far as the textiles allow it, the protection will last best.

Drei Freerider im Tiefschnee in der Region Flims Laax Falera

Taking care of gloves properly

6. The gloves must not be missing either

When it comes to gloves, it is equally important that they receive the right care – this, of course, includes regular impregnation.

Gloves made of leather should not be dried directly on the heater, as this will cause them to get cracks. In addition, leather gloves should be regularly treated with the appropriate care products.

Zur Winterausrüstung gehören auch Handschuhe für Ski und Snowboard, Peaks Place in Laax

Freshen up for the next winter holidays

7. Care for the ski helmet

To make sure your ski helmet is ready for the next winter, you should take out the pads and wash them.

If your ski helmet has some cracks, or you fell badly, it is important that you replace it urgently. In general, you should change your helmet every five to eight years, depending on the material.

Im Winter den Sonnenuntergang im Skigebiet der Region Flims Laax Falera geniessen

Clear vision with ski goggles

8. For the perfect view

Of course, your ski goggles need a certain amount of care, just like the rest of your winter equipment. Therefore, you should clean your ski goggles regularly with a goggle cloth or microfiber cloth.

However, you should be careful: Some ski goggles have an antifog coating on the inside, which is quite sensitive – so it’s best not to even touch it. If some snow gets into the goggles, simply tap it off. In case the inside of the ski goggles is wet, you can also carefully blow dry them.

Winterausrüstung für Powder-Days, Peaks Place Hotel in Laax

Remove batteries and accumulators

9. Store electronic devices properly

Your winter equipment will certainly include items that are either battery-powered or have a rechargeable battery. For example, avalanche transceivers, action cams, special ski goggles or heated socks. If you’re not going to use these devices for an extended period of time, remove the batteries and fully recharge the accumulators before storing them.

Zur Winterausrüstung gehört auch das LVS-Gerät, Peaks Place in Laax

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