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Fit into the summer

The summer can come!

5 tips to start fit into the summer

The days are getting longer and the temperatures are slowly rising. Do you know that feeling, when you want to do something until summer, but it doesn’t work out the way you want it to and then you are disappointed? We want to put an end to that now, as we have some tips for you on how to start fit into the summer. You can also try our Workout Challenge for the summer.

And as a sports hotel with fitness room and pure relaxation on more than 850 m2 at La Senda Spa and Wellness, Peaks Place is the perfect starting point for all activities during any season in Laax, as well as in the surrounding vacation region of the Grisons.

Tip 1

Set some realistic goals for yourself

First of all, it is important that you set some realistic goals. Because without goals, your motivation can quickly slip through the cracks. So think carefully about what you want to have achieved by the summer: Do you want to build more muscle? Or would you rather lose some weight?

After that, it is important to set a clear date by which you want to have achieved these goals – here, too, the key is to stay realistic.

Tip 2

Move yourself

The fact is: Movement is good for everyone. It gets the circulation going, lifts the mood and makes you fit. However, make sure that you don’t put your body through too much and increase your training slowly. It is also important to choose a sport that you enjoy, because this will keep you motivated. It’s also best to create a great playlist for your workout, as this will get you in an even better mood.

Der Rundtrail in der Region Flims Laax Falera führt durch den Wald und zum Caumasee, Fit in den Sommer

Tip 3

Drink plenty of water

Especially on warm days it is important to drink enough, because you will excrete a lot of fluid while sweating. Try to get used to always having a bottle of water with you.

Drinking enough water is essential for proper functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Eine Karaffe mit Wasser im Fitnessraum vom Peaks Place Hotel in Laax

Tip 4

Get enough sleep and rest

Especially in today’s stressful times, a good night’s sleep is often underestimated. A good night’s rest is not only important for your mind, but also for your body. A permanent lack of sleep decreases your performance and hinders your motivation.

The frequency of your training is also important. You can train as hard and as often as you want, but it won’t do you any favors, as your body needs a break from it from time to time. Therefore, remember this: You should not train with sore muscles, because in the meantime your muscles are regenerating. It is recommended, especially in the beginning, to train a maximum of 2 to 3 days per week.

Ausreichend Schlaf und Erholung im Peaks Place Apartment Hotel in Laax, Fit in den Sommer

Tip 5

A balanced nutrition

The most essential thing for mind and body is a good and balanced nutrition. Make sure to eat more vegetables and fruits and reduce the consumption of bad fats and sugars. It is important that you adapt your balanced nutrition to yourself and pay attention to your preferences and intolerances. It’s best to find someone who wants to join you right away, because then it will be easier for you to remain steadfast.

Food like cakes, cookies or potato chips should not be stored at home at all, then the temptation is not so great. Of course, you can have a little snack now and then, but it shouldn’t be every day.

Brotzeit und Wein im Restaurant snani in Laax im Peaks Place, Fit in den Sommer

Workout Challenge for the summer

7 days – 3 exercises – 3 rounds


Push-Ups 10x

Squats 20x

Plank 30 sec.


Push-Ups 15x

Squats 25x

Plank 35 sec.


Push-Ups 20x

Squats 30x

Plank 40 sec.


Push-Ups 25x

Squats 35x

Plank 45 sec.


Push-Ups 30x

Squats 40x

Plank 50 sec.


Push-Ups 35x

Squats 45x

Plank 55 sec.


Push-Ups 40x

Squats 50x

Plank 60 sec.

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