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Your Ski Holidays at Peaks Place

Ski Holidays Packing List

A little check for winter fun

How well prepared are you for your ski vacation?

You’ve booked your ski or snowboard vacation and your anticipation for all the perfectly groomed slopes is growing. But before you can even start, you should first check your winter equipment: Is the binding adjusted to your body weight, age and skiing ability? Do the edges of your skis or board need sharpening?

After checking your winter equipment, it’s time to start packing. To make sure you don’t forget anything, we’ve put together a practical Peaks Place packing list.

Skiurlaub in der Region Flims Laax Falera im Winter

Our Peaks Place Services

Prepared for your stay at Peaks Place

☐ Save digital guest folder as bookmark
☐ Book ski tickets via
☐ Pre-book a table at the restaurant s’nani
☐ Book breakfast box at restaurant s’nani
Optional: request raclette / fondue set at the reception desk
Optional: book massage appointment at Spa & Wellness La Senda (reception desk)
Optional: book cleaning during stay
Optional: take additional Nespresso coffee capsules with you / order at the reception desk

Rezeption und Eingangsbereich Peaks Place, Hotel Laax Flims in der Schweiz

Money and finances

Pocket money for your ski holidays

☐ Cash
☐ EC card
☐ Credit card
☐ Emergency phone numbers of the bank
☐ Wallet

Restaurant s'nani Laax Innenraum

Papers and documents

Do not forget important documents!

☐ Driving license / vehicle registration card
☐ Hotel documents / reservation info
☐ Train ticket / rail card / airline ticket
☐ Vaccination card / allergy passport, if applicable
☐ Map / map (digital, available offline)
☐ Health insurance card
☐ Identity card / ID / passport
☐ Travel guide
☐ Motorway vignette
☐ Directions
☐ Visa, if required

Brigitta von der Rezeption im Peaks Place Laax

Clothing for the winter

Suitable clothing during the ski holiday

☐ Buff / functional scarf
☐ Swimwear for La Senda Spa & Wellness
☐ Fleece sweater / jacket
☐ Functional underwear made of merino wool
☐ Belt
☐ Gloves
☐ Pants / jeans, long
☐ Jacket
☐ Hat (warm)
☐ Sweatshirts
☐ Scarf
☐ Pyjamas
☐ Sunglasses
☐ T-Shirts
☐ Socks
☐ Underwear

Im Winter den Sonnenuntergang im Skigebiet der Region Flims Laax Falera geniessen
Drei Freerider im Tiefschnee in der Region Flims Laax Falera

Backpacks and bags

Enough storage space for your luggage

☐ Bag or clean bag for the trash
☐ Handbag
☐ Suitcase / trolley / travel bag
☐ Clothes bags
☐ Ski / snowboard backpack
☐ Daypack

Raum für Ski und Snowboard der Gäste im Sporthotel Peaks Place in Laax, Skiurlaub mit guter Winterausrüstung

Ready for the slopes

Winter equipment for ski holidays

☐ Face protectors
☐ Protectors
☐ Snow chains, if necessary
☐ Ski / Snowboard
☐ Helmet ski / snowboard
☐ Ski jacket / snowboard jacket / winter jacket
☐ Ski pants / snowboard pants
☐ Ski goggles
☐ Ski boots / snowboard boots
☐ Ski socks
☐ Ski poles
☐ Ski underwear
☐ Avalanche beeper (for freeriders /ski touring)
☐ Avalanche probe (for freeriders / ski touring)
☐ Snow shovel (for freeriders / ski touring)
☐ Rescue blanket (for freeriders / ski touring)
☐ Headlamp (for freeriders / ski touring)

Im Winter Freeriden in Flims Laax Falera
Skifahren in der Region Flims Laax Falera, das Sporthotel Schweiz, Peaks Place

For your hygiene

To ensure that your hygiene is not neglected

☐ Toothbrush + toothpaste for travel
☐ Hairbrush / comb
☐ Deodorant (travel size)
☐ Travel set: shampoo, conditioner, etc. (alternative: solid shampoo)
☐ Hair tie
☐ Hand cream
☐ Contact lenses + accessories
☐ Toilet bag / wash bag
☐ Chapstick / lip balm
☐ Nail care set
☐ Ear sticks, reusable
☐ Shaver for travel
☐ Make-up utensils / make-up removal wipes
☐ Sunscreen (travel size)
☐ Tampons / feminine hygiene products
☐ Handkerchiefs
☐ Contraceptives / condoms / pill

Waschbecken im Badezimmer eines Apartments im Peaks Place Laax


After all, the best thing is to have your own pharmacy

☐ Anti blister stick
☐ Blister plaster
☐ Diarrhea tablets
☐ First aid kit
☐ Fever tablets
☐ Herpes cream / anti-herpes stick
☐ Personal medication
☐ Plaster
☐ Painkiller (headache)

Ruheliegen am Schwimmbecken des La Senda im Wellnesshotel Peaks Place Flims Laax

Be ready for anything

Shoes for every occasion

☐ Shoes (also for changing)
☐ House finches for apartment
☐ Winter shoes

Kategorie Schuhe der Peaks Place Packliste



☐ Glasses / contact lenses + case
☐ Book / magazine
☐ Hand warmer (for the cold season)
☐ Oropax / earplugs against snoring
☐ Umbrella
☐ 1 to 2 travel towels (fast-drying)
☐ Writing utensils
☐ Safety pins
☐ Indoor games (card game)

Technical equipment

Empty batteries – we don’t want that!

☐ Digital camera incl. battery / tripod
☐ Digicam cover / case (waterproof)
☐ eBook reader (e.g. Kindle)
☐ Cell phone incl. charging cable
☐ Helmet camera
☐ Headphones
☐ Speakers for apartment (please not too loud)
☐ Chargers for electronics
☐ Powerbank
☐ SD card
☐ Socket adapter (for guests from abroad)

Im Peaks Place Hotel in Laax seinen Arbeitsplatz einrichten und trotzdem Ferien geniessen

To protect yourself


(as of December 2023: not mandatory)

☐ Hand disinfection
☐ Proof of vaccination / recovery, if applicable
☐ Vaccination card cover
☐ (FFP2-) mask
☐ Rapid tests

Clean und Safe Logo für Hygiene im Peaks Place auf dem Wasser mit einem See im Hintergrund

On the road with your car

To make your car happy too

☐ Roof rack
☐ E-car: Any adapters for Plug-n-Roll charging station

electric car

Your advantages at Peaks Place for winter

  • Ski cellar icon
    Ski cellar
  • Close to the valley station icon
    Close to the valley station
  • Shuttle bus icon
    Shuttle bus
  • Information material & tour suggestions icon
    Information material & tour suggestions
  • Partnern benefits icon
    Partnern benefits
  • Laundry service icon
    Laundry service
  • Shower possibility at the day of departure icon
    Shower possibility at the day of departure
  • Breakfast & lunch packages on request icon
    Breakfast & lunch packages on request
  • Free access to the wellness La Senda icon
    Free access to the wellness La Senda
  • Fitness & weight room icon
    Fitness & weight room


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