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Sports massage Peaks Place

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Simply let yourself feel good!

The perfect massage for sporty people

The sports massage at Peaks Place is perfect for our active guests. It promotes blood circulation in the tissues, prevents injuries and has a regenerating effect after all kinds of sports activities. However, the sports massage is not only intended for top athletes or casual sportsmen who would like to have specific muscle groups treated more «specially», but also for guests who prefer a stronger type of massage and more intensive kneading.

A little tip from our masseuses Sabrina and Ekaterina: Especially at the beginning of the season, when the body is not yet strong enough, it is worth booking a sports massage.

Below you will find more exciting information from Sabrina and Ekaterina about the sports massage at Peaks Place – and who knows, maybe that’s the massage you really need right now!

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Do you prefer before or after sports?

Find out some interesting details about the sports massage here at Peaks Place – Our staff will be happy to give you some personal advice.

What is the effect of the sports massage?

The sports massage is designed to loosen up the muscles and stimulates the regeneration of the stressed muscle groups after an active day. Therefore, it is also very supportive for someone who just has a sore muscle. In addition, sports massage increases flexibility and has a relaxing effect.

Is there a recommendation on how often you should get a massage like this?

It always depends on what kind of sports program you follow: A top athlete should have the sports massage twice a week, for a casual or recreational sportsman it is recommended to come once a week for such a massage. The most important thing is regularity – You should get a sports massage every now and then to achieve the best effect.

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What is best to do after a sports massage and what is better to avoid?

Since it does not matter whether you get it done before or after sports, you can do sports well afterwards. After the massage it is recommended to drink a lot to stimulate the metabolism and help the body to transport the dissolved waste products out of the body.

For whom is this type of massage not particularly suitable?

Sports massage is not necessarily suitable for guests who are sensitive to pain or pressure. It is important that guests inform us about their health well-being so that we can adjust the massage in the best possible way. This includes important diagnoses such as osteoporosis, recent surgeries or medications such as blood thinners, but also febrile inflammatory/infectious diseases, recent heart attack, stroke or injuries.

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Adjusted to you

Pleasant aromas and focus on your needs

For the sports massage with us at Peaks Place, as with the other massages, various oils are needed. Ekaterina and Sabrina use pure almond or jojoba oil as the base oil. High quality essential oils are then mixed in. For possible blockages of the guests Ekaterina uses additionally Thai Balsam or Perskindol.

The necessary equipment for the sports massage is now ready. Before Ekaterina and Sabrina start the massage, it is important for them to know where to focus – in other words, where the guest has a tension or sore muscles, so that they know where the priorities lie in order to be able to treat the guest optimally and to better manage the time. It is interesting that the effect of the massage can be supported if the guest is already somewhat «warmed up» before the massage.

Now we start with the sports massage. In this type of massage, the legs, buttocks and back are massaged more intensively than the arms and feet. A facial massage is not included here. After 50 minutes the sports massage is over and your body feels like new.

Frau massiert Frau bei Massage im Wellnessbereich La Senda im Hotel Peaks Place in Laax Flims

Advantages of a sports massage

More interesting information and tips

Massages in general work wonders. A sports massage will bring you some additional benefits, because your work and sports performance will increase thanks to this massage. Your strength and motivation will also be significantly increased. The sports massage is also a good investment and efficient precaution for you and your health.

Our masseuses Sabrina and Ekaterina are very empathetic, work intuitively and above all respond to the needs and wishes of our guests. Therefore, they will be happy to help you find the right massage for you.

Convince yourself and try the sports massage with us at Peaks Place!

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