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Mountain sports school Grischa

Tour report Piz Dolf

High above during two days

With the mountain sports school Grischa up to the Piz Dolf (3’028 m.a.s.l.)

On the way with our partner, the mountain sports school Grischa, we are going on an adventurous two-day ski tour – a medium-difficulty ski tour to the Piz Dolf directly at the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Tectonic Arena Sardona.

In this report you will learn everything about this adventurous trip. Read on and experience the two-day ski tour on the Piz Dolf at first hand – and maybe you’ll want to join one yourself.

Cheers to a good start!

Not really the best conditions

We meet after a restful night at Peaks Place at 8 a.m. in Flims. Together with friends and the mountain guide Flo from the mountain sports school Grischa we want to go on a two-day ski tour. The sky is cloudless, the night was cold, but the temperatures rise quickly with the first rays of sunshine – not the best conditions regarding the avalanche situation. Will our schedule work out?

Finally, we decide to master the first meters of altitude with the mountain railroad. It quickly takes us via Naraus to the Grauberg mountain station, just above the Segnesboden – our starting point. This way we save valuable time and can cross the exposed slopes in a timely manner. After a short descent from the station to Segnesboden, we mount skins, crampons and take off the first layer of clothing. The sun is already doing a great job up here at over 2’200 m.a.s.l., a strenuous ascent lies ahead of us.

Aufstieg einer Skitour zum Segnas und Piz Dolf mit der Bergsportschule Grischa im Winter

A sweaty climb

Earn your turns!

Before our start, we do the obligatory avalanche transceiver check. Calmly and with a steady rhythm, we set off across the beautiful plateau in the direction of Tschingelhörner. We have seven kilometers and 600 meters of altitude to cover, fully packed with crampons, down jacket, stove, food supplies, enough water and a bottle of wine – after all, we are bon vivants. The hut where we want to spend the night is not serviced in winter, which is why a portion of uncertainty is buzzing around in our heads.

Slowly but surely, the plain turns into a gentle, slightly rutted climb. Thanks to a skilful choice of route and careful assessment of the terrain, we find a suitable line. Special ski tour maps with marked slope gradients are essential for planning. The snow is already somewhat softened, but should still be compact enough for the last, steep part before reaching the hut.

The last 100 meters are really steep. Due to the slippery firn surface and the steepness of the slope, we decide to attach the skis, which makes our backpacks a lot heavier again. With the right choice of backpack and carrying system, however, this works without any problems.

Gruppe bei einer Skitour zum Piz Dolf mit der Bergsportschule Grischa

Shoveling snow for dinner

What a great view!

Only a few meters separate us now from the Segnespass, the transition from the Grisons to the Glarus region. When we arrive at the top of the pass, the panorama is overwhelming and the view of the surrounding peaks and valleys phenomenal! For a moment it is completely quiet – everyone enjoys the moment by themselves and we literally soak up the view.

To the right, around the corner, we discover the Segnespass hut, which is «stuck» to the rock just below the top of the pass. This way it is well protected, but also properly snowed in! Of course, each of us has an avalanche shovel with him – which is also ideal outside of an emergency – and an ice axe for the snow-covered ice on the steps. After a round of «shoveling like savages», a massive iron door gradually appears, through which we enter the interior. Next up is snow melting, and with each chunk of melted snow, the anticipation for our dinner and a cup of hot tea increases.

Anstieg einer Skitour zum Piz Dolf mit der Bergsportschule Grischa im Winter

A cozy evening in a hut

Delicious porcini risotto

Since it’s still cold and uncomfortable, Flo suggests firing up the wood stove. But here comes the surprise: instead of comfortably warm, it becomes stuffy and smoky – because the fireplace is frozen. And in the end, we decide on the cold instead of the smoke.

But we don’t lose our appetite that quickly. Thanks to the gas stove, we can still prepare a warm and hearty soup and a porcini mushroom risotto. It steams and smells incredibly good and fits perfectly to this cold but cozy hut evening.

Wrapped in all the layers of clothing we have, we enjoy the delicious meal. Afterwards, we briefly discuss the route for tomorrow. A ski tour on the Piz Dolf is planned, and the credo for the next day is a clever choice of route and getting up early. So a short time later, tired and full, we are already wrapped in woolen blankets in our silk sleeping bag.

Die Aussicht während einer Skitour zum Piz Dolf mit der Bergsportschule Grischa

Pure peak happiness!

Steep ascent and racy descent

After a short, cold night, the alarm clock rings at 6 a.m. and a cloudless day awaits us. Unlike yesterday, it is icy cold up here and the snow is frozen hard. To get to the upper Segnesboden, we descend the steep part of yesterday’s ascent and then keep to the far left. Then it’s time to mount skins and crampons again, because the ascent is quite demanding, slippery and steep.

After crossing the upper Segnesboden, we catch sight of our peak destination today: the Piz Dolf. From here we can also study the downhill route. Now only the final spurt is left – step by step we climb the steep firn flank and reach Piz Dolf! Proud of what we have achieved, we once again enjoy the incredible distant view.

And then finally: the descent we’ve been looking forward to for hours is finally upon us. Perfect conditions for a racy descent are given. Swing for swing, we enjoy the descent to the fullest and beam with the sun. What a magnificent ski tour!

Mit der Bergsportschule Grischa auf eine Skitour zum Piz Dolf im Winter

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