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Participation in SWISSTAINABLE by Switzerland Tourism

Our commitment to an intact environment

The Peaks Place participates in «SWISSTAINABLE», the sustainability program of Switzerland Tourism. This sustainability program is not intended to create a new certification, but rather to give you as a guest more orientation. At the same time, we want to be a part of this movement, which we hope will soon involve the entire swiss tourism industry.

The Peaks Place is committed to a sustainable corporate management and is continuously developing its operations, whether in the hotel, the restaurant or the spa and wellness, in the direction of sustainability. To do so, we have developed a corresponding package of measures together with Switzerland Tourism, which will be implemented by the end of 2024.

What you can do as a guest



We are aware of the responsibility for a sustainable development of our business and do our very best to ensure that our grandchildren will still be able to travel and experience our destination in all its fascinating beauty and diversity – sustainability seen as «grandchild compatibility».


We are thereby contributing to the implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the UN and to the Federal Council’s Sustainable Development Strategy 2030, as well as to Switzerland’s positioning as a sustainable travel destination.


We always consider ecological, social and economic aspects in all our decisions and control them with a prudent management.

Our Commitment

The joint commitment forms the basis of the Swisstainable program. It describes the values and the responsibility which we assume as Peaks Place. It also shows the twelve aspects that were evaluated in the sustainability check. We identify with the commitment to sustainability of swiss tourism, consider sustainability aspects in all our decisions and meet the following requirements:

  • We explicitly anchor sustainability efforts in our corporate respectively business strategy, communicate them internally and externally, concretize them with measures and implement them with determination.
  • We comply with legal requirements in all areas.
  • We have a sustainability manager to ensure the implementation of our sustainability requirements.
  • We fulfill any specific requirements of umbrella organizations.
swisstainable Nachhaltigkeit Bescheinigung Peaks Place Laax

The Peaks Place and the CLEANPEAK initiative

More mindfulness and cleanliness in nature

The Peaks Place took part in the initiative CLEANPEAK!

Cleanpeak is committed to a clean and healthy alpine environment. Together with Cleanpeak, we enabled our guests to have a positive experience and at the same time ensured more mindfulness and cleanliness in nature.

So-called «Cleanbags» were distributed in the flats. With these cleanbags, our guests were encouraged to collect waste during their stay in nature and hand it in at Peaks Place. As a small thank you, guests received a tasty snack in the s’nani restaurant for every cleanbag they handed in at reception and could take part in a competition using a QR code.

Das Peaks Place in Laax macht bei der Initiative von CLEANPEAK mit den CLEANBAGS mit

Questions about the initiative

The Cleanbag was made from recycled material. With the help of experts, we have carefully considered which material to use for our Cleanbag. The Cleanbag was not intended for multiple use, so recycled plastic was the most sustainable option. Over the entire cycle (raw material extraction, production, life cycle, disposal), this was currently the solution with the smallest CO2 footprint.

  • Our guests were out in nature, whether as bikers, trail runners or hikers, and discovered litter on the floor
  • They picked up the rubbish, put it in the Cleanbag and brought the full bag back to Peaks Place.
  • A small surprise (coffee and cake) awaited them as a thank you.
  • Many shared their commitment and success on Instagram under #cleanpeak and #peaksplace.
  • In addition, some guests took part in the competition (via a QR code) to win the main prize (a weekend for 2 people at Peaks Place).

You could – but that was absolutely not the point. We appealed for fair play and sportsmanship. We wanted more cleanliness in the Alps and to raise awareness!


1. Nature and landscape

We are aware of the central role of a high landscape and architectural quality for attractive tourism and use these opportunities in the development of offers and in marketing. We respect sensitive natural areas and protected areas, promote biodiversity, concentrate tourism projects on less sensitive areas and contribute to sustainable spatial development.

Aktivitäten im Winter, die in Flims Laax Falera zu machen sind

2. Water, air and soil

We are continuously increasing resource efficiency, especially in the use of natural resources such as water, air and soil.

Den Sommerurlaub im Peaks Place Hotel Laax verbringen und zahlreiche Bergseen besuchen

3. Energy and climate

We optimize energy consumption through conscious procurement and investment decisions, promote renewable energy sources and reduce climate-damaging emissions.

Sitting on a wooden bench in winter in the region of Flims Laax Falera

4. Mobility

We support attractive multimodal and environmentally friendly mobility offers for the benefit of our guests and to reduce environmental pollution.

Den Sommer im Peaks Place Apartment Hotel in Laax mit vielfältigen Bike-Touren geniessen

5. Waste

We minimize waste through avoidance, reduction, recycling and separate disposal.

Aktivitäten im Sommer in der Region Flims Laax Falera, Pakete & Angebote

6. Population and culture

We help to strengthen the regional identity as well as regional cycles. We involve the local population in our projects, promote the regional culture and enable the exchange between the guests and the population.

Sommerurlaub im Peaks Place Hotel Laax, Wald und Wasser Trail

7. Specific guest needs

We cater to specific guest needs, taking particular account of family friendliness, accessibility or food intolerances, and are constantly adding to our offerings.

Koch dekoriert Teller in der Küche des Restaurant s'nani im Peaks Place Laax

8. Working conditions and equal opportunities

We offer fair working conditions, optimize the employment level of our employees, promote both participation and further training of our employees, pay attention to equal opportunities as well as work-life balance and contribute to social and intercultural integration.

Discover the team
Rezeption und Eingangsbereich Peaks Place, Hotel Laax Flims in der Schweiz

9. Guest information and hospitality

We let our guests experience sustainability, inform them about our efforts in this regard, encourage them to behave considerately and surprise them with our courteous hospitality. For example, through our participation in the initiative «Clean Peaks – for clean Alps».

Die Winterferien mit seinen Freunden oder seiner Familie in der Region Flims Laax Falera geniessen

10. Market cultivation

We consider the ecological impact of travel in our market development, strengthen local markets and strive for a balanced guest mix.

Skifahren bei Sonnenuntergang in der Region Flims Laax Falera

11. Workplaces and cooperations

We are actively committed to the further development of tourism as an important livelihood, offer attractive jobs, comply with collective employment agreements, behave cooperatively and maintain fair partnerships.

Eine Probe-Verkostung vom Gemüse auf dem Feld für das Restaurant s'nani im Peaks Place Laax

12. Innovations and profitability

We promote sustainable innovations, develop adequate profitability, and consider economic viability as well as environmental and social compatibility when making investments.

Wanderung von der Alp Mora in der Region Flims Laax Falera bei Sonnenuntergang
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Sustainability at Peaks Place Laax

Questions and answers

If you are a guest looking for sustainable offers, you are often lost in the existing jungle of labels. We want to counteract this with the Swisstainable program.
Because the sustainability program «Swisstainable» is not intended to create a new certification, but rather to give you as a guest more orientation. At the same time, we want to be part of the movement in which the entire Swiss hotel industry can participate. For this purpose, a criteria grid was developed, according to which offers are inventoried and awarded with a three-level signet.

After all, sustainability has been shaping Switzerland for decades. Whether it is the intensive use of hydropower, the high environmental awareness of the population – or the early and comprehensive expansion of public transport, which illustrates what sustainability looks like in Swiss tourism: built for the regional population, used by guests from all over the world. To this, the Peaks Place would like to make its contribution.

There are 3 levels:

Level III – leading: Level III companies have a comprehensive, recognized verificationof sustainability that covers all dimensions of sustainability and is regularly externally verified.

Level II – engaged: Level II companies are committed to sustainable corporate management and ongoing development in the area of sustainability. In addition, these operations have a recognized verification in at least one sustainability dimension.

Level I – committed: Level I companies are committed to sustainable corporate management and continuously develop their operations in the direction of sustainability.

Energy and heat savings are being implemented across the entire hotel based on recommendations from Hotellerie Switzerland and other external experts. Here is an extract of the current measures:

  • Optimized, dynamic operating hours at La Senda Wellness and Spa.
  • Restaurant s’nani as the first regio.garantie-certified restaurant in Switzerland. Approach: «brutally local»
  • Hotel shuttle replaced by fully electric premium van from Mercedes
  • Collaboration with regional partners and handicraft businesses
  • Housekeeping: Optimized use of cleaning agents
  • Increased efficiency through external, professional laundry service (CO2 reduced and ecovadis-certified operation in the region)
  • No daily room cleaning and towel change, only on request
  • Conversion of lighting to LED lamps incl. underground car park
  • Use of a pellet heating system, electricity from Swiss hydropower
  • Reduction of printed matter (administration and communication)
  • Restautant: Any food leftovers are collected and processed into bio gas
  • Sportivity: Promotion of soft sports, such as guided snowshoe hikes.
  • Focus on local markets such as Switzerland and southern Germany
  • Recycling station in the house for guests and owners
  • Sowing of regional wildflowers on the hotel grounds

The following measures are planned for the future:

  • Communicative sensitization of guests and employees for the topic of sustainability and the above-mentioned measures already implemented.
  • Motivation of guests to make their own contribution for the topic of sustainability in the course of their trip (arrival and departure, stay at the hotel and the destination, etc.)
  • Complete lighting concept changed over to LED illuminants.
  • Constructional adaptations: E.g. installation in the wellness area for optimized operating times, solar system
  • Adjustments in heat management as well as in corresponding monitoring and controlling measures
  • Clarify mobility needs and savings potential: Conversion to e-shuttle bus in hotel.
  • Bee & insect hotel is planned for 2023

Not at the moment. But we are doing our best to ensure that this will be the case in the near future.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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