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Biofarm Dusch in Paspels

Career change into farming

From the world of art to the countryside

Claudia and Georg Blunier-Hanimann both studied art. After graduating, they experienced their first summer in the Alps. They were so fascinated by the interaction between nature and humans that they longed for a life on the farm: «We knew in our gut that we wanted to work with animals, dig our hands into the soil and be outside from early morning to late at night in the sun, wind and rain. We want to know where our food comes from and how it’s produced, and we want to produce food that tastes good and remains possible for us and the generations of the future.»

Now they are since 2014 already tenants of the beautiful farm in Paspels and manage their farm according to biodynamic principles and the guidelines of Bio-Suisse and Demeter.

Claudia und Georg Blunier-Hanimann vom Biohof Dusch in Paspels
Die Kinder von Claudia und Georg Blunier-Hanimann, Biohof Dusch in Paspels

Happy animals & seasonal vegetables

Animal welfare comes first

On their farm, Claudia and Georg make sure that the animals are kept in a species-appropriate manner – the welfare of the animals is very important to them, which is why the animals are outside a lot and go to the alpine meadows. Since the animals are fed exclusively on the farm’s own feed from their meadows and pastures, there is no competition with human food, which is also better for the climate.

The meat from Biofarm Dusch comes from farm slaughter. This slaughtering method is good for the animal, as it is stress-free. Biofarm Dusch is the pioneer farm in Switzerland for the farm slaughter method.

Besides animal welfare, it is important to the Blunier-Hanimann family that the production of their products also supports regional added value. Therefore, they offer a «Regiolieferdienst» (regional delivery service) with a vegetable subscription in the area of Central Grisons, Chur and the surrounding area, where you can have seasonal vegetables delivered directly from the farm to your home.

Ein Kalb vom Biohof Dusch, Paspels
Die Gemüsetasche vom Biohof Dusch in Paspels

Biofarm Dusch in the restaurant s’nani

In the restaurant s’nani you will find different creations with products from Biofarm Dusch. These include mountain lentils as well as Bramata and Polenta, which are delivered from the Biofarm Dusch in Paspels directly to the s’nani.

Berglinsen vom Biohof Dusch in Paspels

Daily challenges with joy & without boredom.

There is always something going on at the Biofarm Dusch – As career changers, Claudia and Georg are particularly proud to have a great team and to be able to produce healthy and fair food. But they also share the challenging moments with us.

What do you enjoy most about this job?

On the farm it is never boring with our children and the animals, the «Rüebli» and «Erbsli». We like to be challenged every day.

What are you particularly proud of on your farm?

Our team, because we couldn’t do it without them! We are also particularly proud of the versatility of our business and, of course, a little of ourselves – As career changers, without any knowledge of agriculture, we are able to produce healthy and fair food.

What are the biggest challenges in your business?

The climate change and the associated weather extremes such as drought or hail.


Schafe auf dem Biohof Dusch in Paspels
Felder auf dem Biohof Dusch in Paspels
Die Erntezeit auf dem Biohof Dusch in Paspels

Biofarm Dusch &
the restaurant s’nani

Why is this a match?

Both the restaurant s’nani and we attach a lot of importance to a symbiotic way of working with and in the region.

And by the way…

… The s’nani team visits its partners and suppliers regularly to know exactly where the products in the s’nani come from and how they are produced.

Hofladen in Paspels, vom Biohof Dusch


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