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Regio.Garantie Certification

Brutally local at the s’nani restaurant in Laax

Inneneinrichtung im Restaurant s'nani Laax Peaks Place Hotel

Regional ingredients and short distances

regio.garantie certification
for the restaurant s’nani

Since its opening, the restaurant s’nani in the apartment hotel Peaks Place in Laax has relied on regional, sustainable ingredients and works closely with local producers. The result is a unique concept that reinterprets grandmother’s recipes.

The s’nani is the first restaurant in Switzerland to receive regio.garantie certification from alpinavera for its consistent focus on a locally inspired menu. As a partner of the brand graubünden, the restaurant s’nani has thus set another milestone in terms of regionality and sustainability.

Tische im Restaurant s’nani in Laax im Hotel Peaks Place


Regional partnerships, high-quality ingredients and short distances

The focus on seasonal and regional products gives the creative kitchen team of s’nani new scope for creativity. At the same time demands a rethink in terms of menu planning. The constantly changing menu allows guests to see which ingredients are currently in season and available.

On one hand the cooperation with «alpinavera» strengthens the producers and promotes the exchange between agriculture, production companies and gastronomy on the other.

Vorspeise mit Fisch im Restaurant s’nani im Hotel Peaks Place in Laax
Koch kocht regionale Speisen in der Küche im Restaurant s'nani in LAAX

Eating and cooking sustainably – all year round

With this certification, the restaurant s’nani is sending a clear signal for sustainable, regional cultivation and wants to promote resource awareness – among employees, partners and guests. To this end, the restaurant’s food & beverage menu is composed of at least 60 % regional, certified ingredients. For example, the trout comes from Alvaneu (GR), the potatoes from Bonaduz (GR) and the cheese from Brigels (GR).

For the winter season, ingredients are preserved and stored in the spring and summer through appropriate measures such as canning or fermentation.

Im Restaurant s’nani werden regionale Produkte wie Salami und Wurst verwendet
Köche im Restaurant s’nani in Laax interpretieren traditionelle Speisen neu

Creative solutions found: Elderflowers from Flims instead of black tea from India

By focusing on local products, a creative process was started within the team. This produced alternatives to otherwise common, but hardly questioned ingredients with long transport routes. This is how the s’nani iced tea with fresh elderflowers from the Flimserwald – picked by Lara from the s’nani team – tastes without black tea from India.

Furthermore, whenever possible, classic industrial sugar and lime are avoided – the tea is sweetened with lemon balm and honey from the Grisons.

Traditionelle Speisen neu interpretiert vom Restaurant s’nani im Peaks Place Hotel Laax

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