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Regional partners

«Churer Milch» from the Plankis Foundation

From cow’s milk to fine dairy products

Quality out of passion

In May 2012, after a short preparation, the Plankis Foundation started to market its milk from over 50 dairy cows itself. Initially, pasteurized milk was sold as whole and skimmed milk under the «Churer Milch» brand. After a successful start, nine different types of yogurt followed exactly one year later. Almost at the same time, «Gelateria Evviva» laid the foundations for the company’s own ice cream.

With its craftsmanship and care, «Churer Milch» today produces a variety of tasty dairy products from its high-quality milk. Hygiene and quality-oriented working methods are of course important factors here. This is why the Plankis Foundation with «Churer Milch» is an ideal partner for the restaurant s’nani.

Milchkanne der Churer Milch, Stiftung Plankis

Sustainable and regional

Delicious dairy products

The fresh dairy products of «Churer Milch» are produced on their own farm. This means shorter delivery routes, which is also good for the environment. The special thing about the pasteurized milk is that it is not standardized – so it keeps the natural fat content and this can be tasted.

«Churer Milch» produces its ice cream by hand following the old Italian tradition with a lot of love and the best ingredients. Our restaurant s’nani partner uses regional ingredients that are «alpinavera» certified for the production of almost all flavors (with the exception of special flavors). The assortment of cheeses also includes mainly «alpinavera» certified products, for example the Churer Hemp Mutschli. With its regional sourcing and consideration for short transportation routes, the Plankis Foundation is an ideal match for s’nani.

Mitarbeiter im Stall, Stiftung Plankis
Frische Milch der Churer Milch in Milchkanne abfüllen, Stiftung Plankis

The «Echti Churer Milch» in the restaurant s’nani

In the restaurant s’nani you will find various products of the brand «Echti Churer Milch» from the Plankis Foundation. This includes, of course, the whole milk and numerous types of yogurt, which are available for breakfast.

Kisten gefüllt mit Produkten der Churer Milch, Stiftung Plankis

A lot of flair, experience & skill is needed

Enjoying handcraft, new jobs for people with disabilities, and their challenges also shares Churer Milch with us.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Every day, we enjoy transforming milk into various dairy products using a variety of microorganisms as valuable helpers and thus delighting our customers. This complex production process requires a great deal of flair, experience and skill. And when our customers rave about our products and share their enthusiasm with us, it’s twice as much fun.

What are you particularly proud of in your business?

We are proud of the great demand and presence on the market with our local milk products, which we have been able to achieve in a short space of time. For example, the Graubünden Cantonal Hospital also treats its patients to our fine Chur milk products. Furthermore, we are proud to have created five sheltered workplaces for people with disabilities in our milk production department. This collaboration gives us great pleasure and we are impressed by the dedication and reliability of our employees. Their work is indispensable and contributes significantly to the success of our company. We will continue to do our utmost to offer them the best possible support and promote their integration into everyday working life. Inclusion and economic success go hand in hand for us.

What are the biggest challenges in your business?

At Plankis and Churer Milch, we attach the greatest importance to the production of fresh food in order to offer our guests the best quality we can. This means that we continuously focus on maintaining the highest possible hygiene and quality standards. However, we do not see this as a hurdle, but as motivation to always offer our customers the best we have to offer. But the challenge we are currently facing the most is the constantly rising cost of energy and packaging. Especially at a time in which sustainability aspects are becoming increasingly important, we are looking for the best solutions to effectively counter these rising costs.

Nahaufnahme einer Ziege, Churer Milch der Plankis Stiftung

«Churer Milch» &
the restaurant s’nani

Why is this a match?

We both stand for local and regional quality products with all the advantages in the areas of environmental impact, proof of origin and sustainability.

And by the way…

The s’nani team visits its partners and suppliers regularly to know exactly where the products in the s’nani come from and how they are produced.

Gebäude der Churer Milch, Stiftung Plankis
Logo auf Lieferwagen der Churer Milch, Stiftung Plankis


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