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Clavadetscher Malans

A group photo on the field of the farm Clavadetscher

Second generation

In harmony with nature

The Clavadetscher farm in Malans has been managed according to organic guidelines for two generations. Roman Clavadetscher, who took over the farm together with Valérie Cavin in 2004, also knows nothing else – for him it only works with nature. Extremely important to them in the cultivation of the products are healthy soils, so that they can produce the best quality food. The only challenge is the logistics to their customers, because the products should reach them fresh every day.

When raising animals, they take special care to cultivate a natural environment. An important part of this is being out in the fresh air on pasture as much as possible.

The owner of the farm Roman Clavadetscher
Roman und Valérie, die Inhaber des Biohofes Clavadetscher auf dem Feld


Products from Malans in the restaurant s’nani

At s’nani you will find some products from the Clavadetscher farm. Among other things, garlic, onions, fennel, beetroot, celery, cabbage, chilli and carrots are grown completely without pesticides, like all products on the farm.

In addition to the poulets and the soup chicken, the s’nani also offers the brother cocks from the Clavadetscher farm. The special thing about this is that these are the brothers of the laying hens, which would otherwise be killed on the first day of life in other farms.

Die Hühner auf dem Biohof Clavadetscher

Farmer with passion

Roman Clavadetscher does his job with passion and conviction.
This is reflected in his answers to the questions we asked him.

Why are you doing the job you are doing today?

I am a passionate farmer. I like working with the soil, the animals, the plants and the constant change due to the weather and the seasons.

What do you enjoy most about this task?

Everything. From sowing to harvesting. I also always enjoy the contact with the customers. The good feedback on the products gives me confirmation that I am on the right track.

What are you particularly proud of in your company?

To our team: We are young and old from different nations, with different religions and educations. We like to work together and have the energy and joy to always try something new.


Ein Gruppenfoto auf dem Biohof Clavadetscher im Stall
Roman Clavadetscher ist ein leidenschaftlicher Bauer, dem die Arbeit mit Tieren gefällt

Clavadetscher Malans &
the restaurant s’nani

Why is this a match?

S’nani understands that there are no summer vegetables in winter and adapts the menu to the seasons. The restaurant goes to great effort to serve guests with regional products. For us a reliable partner.

And by the way…

…Pascal Schmutz, together with Roman Clavadetscher, has launched the first Swiss organic peking duck. They grow up year-round in small herds, on lush meadows and are awarded with the Bio-Suisse bud.

Ein Feld des Biohofes Clavadetscher im Sommer
Pascal Schmutz auf dem Biohof Clavadetscher bei den Schweizer Pekingenten

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