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Kunfermann, Präz

View over the field from Hof Kunfermann in Präz

Animals with family connection

Farming under the label BIO Suisse

Simon and Jacqueline came to the profession of farmer via detours and today find it one of the most beautiful professions of all. In addition, it is very interesting and «horizon-expanding» for them to be active in their «other professions». This makes them return to the farm creative and full of ideas.

The animals are kept according to the Bio Suisse guidelines. They attach great importance to the welfare of all their animals. Thanks to Simon and Jacqueline’s lively and animal-loving daughter Ninja, all the animals have a «family connection» with them and are a big, beautiful part of their everyday life on the mountain farm.

On their farm in Präz, Grisons they currently keep 60 cows and calves of the breeds Original Braunvieh, JarolaisXBrownSwiss, Black Angus and 8 Wagyu’s, 2 horses, 9 goats of the breed Passeirer Gebirgsziege, about 100 fallow deer, 2 llamas as herd protection in the deer enclosure and Ninja’s cat Bläcky.

Kühe vom Hof Kunfermann in Präz auf der Weide
Familienfoto mit Familie Kunfermann aus Präz
Simon und Jacqueline mit Tochter Ninja

Varied passion

Simon and Jacqueline never want to stand still with their farm and always want to develop further.

What do you enjoy most about this task?

We love our varied profession – it is our passion.
Over the years, the daily farm work has been joined more and more by communication and contact with our customers. This is a huge motivation for us.

What are you particularly proud of in your business?

…difficult to say, we would like to never stand still if possible and are always evolving, a new project was born last summer – the Kunfermann Spensa / la tgaminada, where we can now process our own meat.

What are the biggest challenges in your business?

Most of the time it is the tightrope walk between new ideas and the already existing work intensity with many exciting projects and encounters.


Familie Kunfermann verkauft ihre Produkte auf dem Markt
Schild des Hofes Kunfermann auf dem Gebäude

Kunfermann &
the restaurant s’nani

Why does this fit together?

We love the contact with innovative, special, creative and visionary people, whether as customers in our deer store, or as connoisseurs of our meat, as well as the contact with guests who would like to know more about their food.
EXACTLY this embodies for us the s’nani team.
For us, this is a great, not everyday appreciation of our product and also a huge motivation in our everyday farming life.

And by the way…

… The s’nani team regularly visits the partners and suppliers to know exactly where the products in the s’nani come from and how they are made.

Im s'nani gibt es Burger mit dem Naturabeef Patty von Kunfermann aus Präz
At s’nani, fine Naturabeef Burger Patty’s from Kunfermann have been available since winter 2022.

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