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Bischi natural drying plant, Churwalden

The Bischi natural drying shop in Churwalden

The king of Bündnerfleisch

An almost extinct craft

Alois Schlager took over the traditional business in Churwalden in 2007 as a career changer. If he had not taken over the natural drying company, this craft would have died out in the perfection that they practice. The business would not have continued.

The production of his goods takes time. This is because the products are traditionally made purely naturally dried in the fine mountain air.
All this is done without additives and without climate rooms, which also brings its challenges such as weather conditions.

The welfare of the animals is very close to their hearts, this is reflected among other things in the products awarded with the Bio-Knospe.

Alois, der Inhaber der Naturtrocknerei Bischi in Churwalden
Ein Mitarbeiter der Naturtrocknerei Bischi bei der Herstellung der Produkte


Bischi in the restaurant s’nani

In the restaurant s’nani you will find various meat specialties from the Bischi natural drying plant. Bündnerfleisch, Coppa, raw ham, bacon and the chili sausages are delivered to s’nani from the natural drying plant in Churwalden.

Die Naturtrocknerei Bischi beliefert s'nani mit verschiedenen Fleischspezialitäten

Motivation and challenges

Close to nature and with passion, the traditional craft is continued. Alois Schlager, head of the Bischi natural drying plant, has shared with us the beautiful but also the challenging moments from his job.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

When the customers are satisfied with the special natural products. I also enjoy creating new products such as sausages, salsiz and more.

What are you particularly proud of in your business?

Our hard-working employees and the ever-growing fan base of our genuine natural products.

What are the biggest challenges in your business?

The climate. Since we traditionally only produce Bündner meat specialties in winter, the salting time is getting shorter and shorter. That means that 15 years ago this was possible from September to April, and today you can only salt from October to February/March.




Jacqueline, die Chefin der Naturtrocknerei Bischi in Churwalden
Tatiana stammt aus Portugal und ist eine Mitarbeiterin der Naturtrocknerei Bischi

Bischi natural drying plant &
the Restaurant s’nani

Why is this a match?

We are both regio.garantie certified and pay attention to a very high, local quality. For the customer and guest a pleasure – an experience.

And by the way…

The s’nani team knows all about its partners and suppliers and is always visiting them.

Eine Fleischplatte mit Spezialitäten aus der Naturtrocknerei Bischi
Pascal Schmutz begutachtet das Trockenfleisch der Naturtrocknerei Bischi

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