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Ranch Farsox, Alvaneu Bad

An aerial view of the Ranch Farsox

From grandfather to grandson

Quality takes time

In 1967, Cordo Simeon’s grandfather and his family built the Ranch Farsox in Alvaneu Bad. Since then, the farm has been in the family. After his grandfather, Cordo’s parents managed the farm until finally in 1998 Cordo himself took over the Ranch Farsox.

Cordo places a lot of value on being committed to both his farm and the mountain landscape, looking to the future with confidence.

In the production of the products, special attention is paid to animal welfare and feeding of the animals. Because as Cordo says so well, quality takes time!

Cordo Simeon der Inhaber der Ranch Farsox
Der Fischteich für die Forellen auf der Ranch Farsox in Alvaneu Bad


Farsox in the restaurant s’nani

In the restaurant s’nani you will find different dishes with products from the Ranch Farsox. Especially the fresh trouts are delivered from Alvaneu Bad from the Ranch Farsox directly to the s’nani.

Das Restaurant s'nani bezieht die Forellen von der Ranch Farsox

An important task and its challenge

Working in harmony with nature – Cordo Simeon, owner of Ranch Farsox, shared with us the beautiful, but also the challenging moments of his job.

What do you enjoy most about this task?

I enjoy being in cooperation with nature and experiencing something new every day.

Why do you do the job you do today?

Because it is a challenging and important job in the cycle of life, and I like doing it.

What are the biggest challenges in your business?

I think the biggest challenge in my business is to balance all the different operating branches.

Ein Teil des Hofes der Ranch Farsox in Alvaneu Bad

Ranch Farsox &
the restaurant s’nani

Why does this fit together?

We both have the regional thinking. Plus the implementation of healthy food production and processing into regional specialties.

And by the way…

The s’nani team visits its partners and suppliers regularly to know exactly where the products in the s’nani come from and how they are produced.

Die Kühe der Ranch Farsox in Alvaneu Bad auf der Weide
Ein Getreide-Feld auf der Ranch Farsox in Alvaneu Bad


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