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Regional Partners

Thomas Marugg winery, Fläsch

„We have loved viticulture for generations“

Family history

“Behind every good wine is a winemaker, a winemaking family, a region – in other words, an exciting story,” says Thomas Marugg, who is the second generation to run the Thomas Marugg winery. Until 1972, the winery, which originally focused on mixed farming, was dedicated to arable farming, livestock farming and viticulture.

In 1980, the business was converted to self-pressing and in 1997, Thomas Marugg took over today’s Thomas Marugg Winery in the third generation. He and his family cultivate five hectares of well-tended vineyards in accordance with the IP “integrated production” guidelines for natural cultivation on their estate. He faces the particular challenge of dealing with the whims of nature every day. “You have to accept that, despite all the technical aids, nature sets the pace in wine production.”

Wines from the Thomas Marugg winery at Restaurant s’nani

At Restaurant s’nani you can enjoy the following wines from the Thomas Marugg winery:

  • Fläscher Schiller
  • Fläscher Riesling – Sylvaner

He was born to be a winemaker

Even as a child, Thomas was allowed to help out at their winery, which he enjoyed even then. For this reason, he decided to train as a winemaker and oenologist, something he has never regretted. He proudly passes this joy on to his two daughters.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

We love the varied job as winemakers, working in nature, in the wine cellar during vinification and the contact with a wide range of customers, from private customers to restaurateurs and resellers.

What are you particularly proud of in your business?

Our modern winery with a wonderful barrique cellar, which is particularly suitable for group aperitifs. We are proud that we are the second generation to continue the beautiful Thomas Marugg winery, which was founded by my parents.

What do you pay particular attention to in viticulture?

Environmentally friendly cultivation in the vineyard and a gentle vinification method. It is important to us to give the wine enough time to mature in our architecturally designed barrique cellar.

What are the biggest challenges in your business?

Dealing with the whims of nature and accepting that, despite all the technical aids available to us in cultivation, nature sets the pace in wine production.




Winery Thomas Marugg &
the Restaurant s’nani

Why do they go so well together?

Because both businesses focus on quality production and still maintain their roots in tradition and regional products at the highest level.

And by the way…

The s’nani team regularly visits its partners and suppliers to find out exactly where the products at s’nani come from and how they are processed.


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