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A look behind the scenes

What’s behind the new menu?

„Brutally local in summer“

New season – new menu

How are new dishes created? What do you have to pay particular attention to and what is important to nani in their kitchen? Our chef Gimmy provides answers and tells us how he creates new dishes, his secret for exciting taste experiences and what his favorite dish is.

Regional kochen im Restaurant s'nani Laax.

Inspired by nani

Where do you get the ideas for new dishes?

You have to be open to it. They usually come when you’re not looking for them. On a walk, I discovered stinging nettles at the edge of the forest behind the house and got to work on them. The result was the Stupf-Risotto – a nettle risotto with hay broth and smoked tomatoes.

The essence of cooking is the choice of ingredients

What is particularly important when creating nani’s dishes?

The quality and regionality – and therefore seasonality – of the ingredients are crucial. After that, I experiment until I have harmoniously combined taste and texture.

What’s your favorite dish on the summer menu?

The Gaissapeter! The eggplant and its companions remind me of dishes from my nani.

Gimmy’s Tip:

However, I would do as some guests do: During the season, simply try the entire menu once …




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