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Winery Lampert, Maienfeld

View over fields from Lampert winery in Maienfeld

From year to year

Character and uniqueness

The Lampert family cultivates 4 hectares of vines in Maienfeld, this is about 18’000 vines with 9 different grape varieties, from which they press 13 different wines. They produce according to the guidelines of organic viticulture.

Their wines should be powerful and have their own character. Each year brings a different type of wine, which they try to capture and reflect in the glass. Thus, this is also the biggest challenge on their winery, because the year is so unpredictable. Each vintage is unique and so is each wine pressed at their winery. Only in this way can they preserve the character and uniqueness of the wine.

Familie Lampert auf ihren Rebfeldern in Maienfeld
Eine Schaufel auf dem Feld vom Weingut Lampert in Maienfeld

Wines of Lampert at the restaurant s’nani

At s’nani you can enjoy the following wines from the Lampert winery:

  • Riesling-Silvaner
  • Chardonnay «Sternenfeld»
  • Zweigelt
  • Cuvèe Rouge
Das Weingut Lampert beliefert s'nani mit Weinen aus ihrer Produktion

Family as an important factor

As the child of a family of winegrowers, Thomas Lampert automatically grew into his current profession. They had to work in the vines from an early age. However, it was only after his training as a qualified winemaker and viticultural technician that he really got into it.

What do you enjoy most about this job?

Nature sets the pace for us, which helps us to slow down in these hectic times. However, to be able to accompany a product from pruning to the glass fills us with pride and joy.

What are you particularly proud of in your business?

The family, it is very important for our company. But also the closeness to the customer, it gives the personal touch to our work.

Why do you focus on the cultivation according to the guidelines of organic viticulture?

Ecological and sustainable treatment of the environment and nature is important to us. Only on healthy soils grow healthy vines.


Portrait der Winzerfamilie Lampert

Lampert Winery &
the restaurant s’nani

Why does this fit together?

Young, dynamic, fresh, hearty. These are just a few keywords that connect us. The way s’nani works with regional products and appreciates the closeness to the producer convinced us. We are happy to be a part of it.

And by the way…

… The s’nani team regularly visits the partners and suppliers to know exactly where the products in s’nani come from and how they are produced.

Der 250-jährige Torkel auf dem Weingut Lampert in Maienfeld

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