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Winery Obrecht, Jenins

The vine fields of the winery Obrecht in Jenins

Harmony of plants & environment

Biodynamic viticulture by conviction

In the light, Francisca tickles the best out of the vines; in the cellar, Christian coaxes the hidden from the juices. The two complement each other like night and day. A constant circle in which the new and the tried and tested are always surprisingly combined. Francisca and Christian Obrecht were able to take over the family winery zur Sonne in 2006 and rely on the biodynamic method for the production of their wines – because they strive for harmony between plants and the environment.

In the biodynamic method, cow horns are buried in the soil along with cow manure in the fall to create a horn manure preparation. This watery compost solution is then spread on the vineyard in spring. It is rich in soil fungi and microorganisms, providing the vine nutrient that in conventional farming is obtained from nitrogenous artificial fertilizer.

The winemaker couple is convinced that biodynamically produced wines are characterized by greater originality, freshness and digestibility.

Die biodynamische Herstellung der Weine vom Weingut Obrecht in Jenins
Aus vergrabenen Kuhhörnern und Kuhdung stellt das Weingut Obrecht ein Hornmist-Präparat her

Wines of the sun in the restaurant s’nani

At s’nani you can enjoy the following wines from the Obrecht winery:

  • Brut Obrecht, Rosé sparkling wine
  • Blanc de Noir, Pinot Noir, white wine
  • Trocla Nera Pinot Noir, red wine
  • Monolith Pinot Noir, red wine
Tische im Restaurant s’nani in Laax im Hotel Peaks Place

Made with love

Joy and passion for their craft is an important component at the family winery. This is also clear from Francisca’s answers to our questions.

Why do you do the job you do today?

Well our homestead, the Sonne was first mentioned in the village chronicle back in 1740 and has always been a place of activity and living. Christian grew up there and already saw himself as a winemaker when he was a little boy. Love brought us together, so that we now share the exciting and enriching task.

What do you enjoy most about this task?

The possibility to live together a rhythmic whole. Landscape, people, vine, wine – without one, the other withers. What could be more beautiful than to work together with joy to bring the individual areas together into a great whole.

What are you particularly proud of in your business?

The continuous process. It is extremely satisfying to cultivate a raw material, the grape, and then to refine it into wine. To then enjoy it in a place like s’nani is simply a pleasure, isn’t it?

Die Traubenlese auf dem Weingut Obrecht in Jenins
Eine Nahaufnahme der Traubenlese auf dem Weingut Obrecht in Jenins

Winery Obrecht &
the restaurant s’nani

Why does this fit together?

Because the sophisticated cooking of «Nani» as well as the artisan winemaking of the Obrecht’s brings the best of the region to the table and into the glass.

And by the way…

…The s’nani team regularly visits the partners and suppliers to know exactly where the products in the s’nani come from and how they are made.

Fässer mit dem Wein, der auf dem Weingut Obrecht in Jenins hergestellt wurde
Gäste trinken Wein in der Weinbar im Restaurant s’nani in Laax

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