Safety concept

Your safety is the most important thing for us

Your health and that of our employees is our top priority, which is why we have implemented appropriate measures in accordance with the safety concept, in accordance with the specifications of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) and with the support of HotellerieSuisse.

We would therefore ask you to refrain from staying if you have experienced symptoms of illness in the last few days that indicate a respiratory disease. Please contact us if any symptoms of illness occur during or after your stay.

  • Due to regulations, our services may be limited, and in certain areas the number of people allowed is also limited.
  • We continuously adapt the protective measures to the changing requirements and recommendations, and our employees are continuously instructed.
  • We professionally clean and disinfect surfaces, objects and working materials (e.g. door traps, lift and light switches) that are frequently used in intensive cycles. Our employees also wear protective masks and gloves for special tasks.

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Safety concept

The "Clean & Safe" campaign is supported by Switzerland Tourism. The implementation of and compliance with the safety concepts is our top priority. The specifications for the safety concepts will change in part in connection with the relaxation steps and will be continuously adapted by us.

The most important basic measures include

  • All persons clean their hands regularly. Avoid touching objects and surfaces if possible.
  • Restaurant, bar and communal catering establishments will ensure that the different groups of guests do not mix. Discos, dance clubs and nightclubs collect the contact details of people present when close contact is established.
  • Employees and other persons keep a distance of 2 metres between each other. For work at an unavoidable distance of less than 2 metres, employees should be exposed as little as possible by shortening the duration of contact and/or implementing appropriate protective measures.
  • Regular cleaning of surfaces as required.
  • Adequate protection of particularly vulnerable persons.
  • Sending sick persons home and instructing them to follow the (self-)isolation according to FOPH.
  • Consideration of specific aspects of work and work situations to ensure protection.
  • Inform employees and other affected persons about the guidelines and measures and involve employees in the implementation of the measures.
  • Implement the guidelines in management in order to efficiently implement and adapt the protective measures.
  • Personal data are recorded in accordance with the hospitality industry safety concept. 

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