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The people at Peaks Place

May we introduce ourselves? Welcome to Peaks Place – we’re looking forward to meeting you and telling you more about us. We are a colourful, varied team and together we make sure that you and our guests want for nothing, around the clock. In addition to the classic tasks that arise in an apartment hotel and restaurant, we are also happy to share with you our secret tips and tours around the destination of Flims Laax Falera.

Let’s go! We look forward to welcoming you personally to Peaks Place soon.

Your Peaks Place and s’nani team

Im Winter Wandern oder Schneeschuhlaufen in der Region Flims Laax Falera

Contact – how to reach us


Peaks Place
Via Uletsch 1
CH-7031 Laax

+41 81 927 14 14

About us

Host and Director


Daniel is a very active family man who loves to spend his free time in nature, mountain biking, skiing, hiking and surfing. Dani also likes to grow his own vegetables and is always trying out new vegetarian dishes. Dani has been at Peaks Place since August 2020.

Favourite places in the region:
Hiking from the edge of the Fidaz forest to the Belmont ruins, then into the high valley of Bargis and up to the «Cathedral» waterfall in Alp Rusna. Or picnic with the family at the barbecue area in the Rhine Gorge near Versam railway station and meditate in the forest at the lower part of the Trutg dil Flem with its countless waterfalls.

The best thing about Peaks Place is…
… the motivated team, our team spirit that shapes us, as well as the deep connection with this beautiful place.

About us: Peaks Place Team Daniel

Deputy hostess


Hiking, hiking and again hiking – and preferably on peaks of 3000 m.a.s.l.! Our open-minded, always good-humored deputy hostess and wellness manager Ina loves to let off steam in nature. Besides her absolute favorite hobby, she also likes to go swimming in natural lakes and let her soul dangle during wellness. In winter, Ina is on her skis or goes cross-country skiing.

Ina was born in Germany, grew up in Bern and has been with us at Peaks Place since 2017. It’s never boring with her – because Ina is always up for a joke and happy conversation! Furthermore, Ina has started her own business and works as a naturopath in Flims Waldhaus.

Favourite places in the region:
The Segnesboden, Cassons and Bargis – There is a lot to experience in the region, especially the beautiful nature.

The best thing about Peaks Place is …
… The team. For her it is important that everyone at Peaks Place is doing well and she loves to surprise people with something nice.

About us: Team of Peaks Place Ina Endruscheit

Team Leader Réception


Sandra has been with us in Laax for almost six years. Before coming to Peaks Place, she lived and worked in Azerbaijan and Germany for over three years. Hence her great passion for travelling and discovering the world. When Sandra is not at Peaks Place, she likes to hike through the Grisons mountains or go swimming. As a balance to the active hours in nature, Sandra has discovered crocheting for herself.

Favourite places in the region:
The viewing platform «Il Spir» at the Rhine Gorge, the mountain restaurant Naraus and the hike along the Trutg dil Flem.

The best thing about Peaks Place is...
… our team spirit

About us: Peaks Place Team Sandra



As an open and communicative power woman, Brigitta loves to laugh – even at herself. She loves the Flims Laax Falera region especially for its diversity and variety in summer and winter. And her sporting heart beats a lot faster when she can discover nature in her free time on hiking boots, mountain bike or on skis. Brigitta also knows where to pick the tastiest mushrooms – who knows, maybe she’ll reveal a spot. Brigitta has been working for our guests at Peaks Place since 2019.

Favourite places in the region:
Hochmoor-Segnesboden, Ruinaulta, Belmont Fidaz ruins and the Segnes Pass.

The best thing about Peaks Place is…
The familiar and collegial working atmosphere. And our guests – especially when we welcome them back.

Peaks Place Team Brigitta



Our cheerful, outgoing receptionist Adriana loves being outside in nature and spending time with friends or her horse. In winter you can find her on the slopes snowboarding, in summer on the water surfing, stand-up paddling or swimming. Adriana is from Germany and has already discovered several countries around the world – including Spain, Australia and Switzerland. Finally, she came to Laax six years ago and was enchanted by the beautiful nature, mountains and lakes.

During the winter season 21/22 and the following summer Adriana was already with us at the reception. So it is even more wonderful to have her back in the team since October 2023.

Favourite places in the region:
In winter Adriana loves to be on Lavadinas. In summer she likes to go to the Belmont mountain ruins and in the evening Adriana lets the day end comfortably at Lake Cauma.

The best thing about Peaks Place is…
… our team! The great togetherness and the nice working atmosphere makes you feel really comfortable.

About us: Team of Peaks Place Adriana

Technician & Allrounder


Paul is the technician at Peaks Place and makes sure everything works as it should day and night. He grew up in Germany and has been at home in Laax since 2008. That’s why he knows where the most beautiful spots are. He loves to ride his bike to the Dutjer Alp or to Alp Nagens. In winter, Paul also spends his free days snowboarding with friends. In his free time, Paul is also interested in technology – he is interested in everything to do with multimedia and cars.

The best thing about Peaks Place is...
… is the good mood in the team and the wellness area La Senda.

About us: Peaks Place Team Paul

Technician & Allrounder


More than four years ago Ivan moved from warm Portugal to Switzerland and has been working at Peaks Place for two years now. The helpful technician and allrounder is great with kids and likes the contact with other people. That’s why you can always have happy conversations with Ivan. On his days off, he likes to play soccer or go swimming. In winter you can find Ivan on the board. That’s exactly why he finds Laax so great: Because you always have something to do.

Favourite places in the region:
The two villages of Flims and Laax themselves, and Lake Laax.

The best thing about Peaks Place is…
… that we, both the employees and the owners, are like one big family.

About us: Peaks Place and La Senda Team Ivan

HR, Administration


Our charming and cheerful HR and Administration team member Maryia is originally from Belarus and has been with us at Peaks Place for two years now. Maryia is always ready for interesting conversations and funny jokes.

In her free time, Maryia likes to go out into nature for a leisurely walk or hike. She especially enjoys the fresh air. Maryia likes the region of Flims Laax Falera especially because of the beautiful landscape and the mountains.

Favourite places in the region:
Lake Cauma and the Rhine Gorge. But also the Albula Valley, which is about 40 minutes away from Peaks Place.

The best thing about Peaks Place is…
… the team. All employees get along well with each other.

About us: Team of Peaks Place Maryia

Temp Marketing & Communication


This upbeat and cheerful marketing and communications trainee grew up in Surselva and knows the region well. At the age of 10, Samira moved to Abu Dhabi with her family for two years – which is where her enthusiasm for traveling comes from. In August 2021, Samira started her studies at the College of Higher Education for Tourism in Grisons. As a «summer person», like she says of herself, you won’t find Samira far from lakes or rivers during the warm days. On such days she takes it, as we say in Graubünden, «patschifig» and enjoys nature.

Favourite places in the region:
Hikes through the Rhine Gorge and trips to Lake Cauma.

The best thing about Peaks Place is…
… the team – you can feel at home here from the first moment!

About us: Team of Peaks Place Marketing Samira

Intern Marketing & Communication


Raised in the canton of Lucerne, more precisely in Entlebuch, and always open to discovering new things, Carla moved to Graubünden in March 2024. After 5 ½ years working at a bank and further training in online marketing, she would like to expand her knowledge at Peaks Place and has therefore started an internship in Marketing & Communication with us. Giving free rein to her creativity and keeping guests up to date is what she likes best about her new job.

Carla is a real nature lover, which is why she enjoys spending time on the slopes in winter and near lakes and rivers in summer – often with her stand-up paddle. On rainy days, she likes to play the piano or learn Italian.

Favourite places in the region:
As Carla has only recently moved to Graubünden, there is still a lot to discover. She is particularly looking forward to Lake Cauma and Lake Cresta.

The best thing about Peaks Place is…
…that you feel very comfortable right from the start – both in the hotel and in the team.

Chef de cuisine


For three years Gimmy worked in another hotel as a head chef, until he finally came to us two seasons ago in the restaurant s’nani. When he is not standing at the stove and putting a smile on our guests‘ faces with his fancy creations, our head chef Gimmy is certainly hiking or mountain biking. He likes the region especially because of the wonderful nature, the animals and the cleanliness.

Traveling and art have also taken a liking to the funny, always motivated Italian. In his free time, Gimmy likes to give free rein to his creative streak.

Favourite places in the region:
Crap Sogn Gion, Bargis and Versam.

The best thing about Peaks Place and s’nani is…
… the great team! Also the concept, the quality and the super beautiful apartments are great!

About us: Team of Peaks Place s'nani Gimmy



Nuno has been a chef with us at restaurant s’nani for two seasons now and creates dishes that delight the palates of our guests. The cheerful and good-humored Portuguese enjoys being in Laax. He simply likes everything about the region, but especially the wonderful nature and landscape as well as the nice people. Before coming to s’nani, Nuno worked in a food packaging print shop.

On his days off, Nuno enjoys exploring the mountains of the region, treating himself to a delicious meal, or sometimes letting his creativity run wild by drawing.

Favourite places in the region:
Lake Cauma.

The best thing about Peaks Place and s’nani is…
… the delicious, «brutally local» creations at the restaurant s’nani.



The young Italian has taken a liking to the nature of the Flims Laax Falera region. Since the end of January 2023, Nicolò has been working with us at the restaurant s’nani as a chef and conjures up delicious creations on the plates of our guests. Before joining us, Nicolò worked as a chef in a small restaurant in Milan.

Nicolò is responsible and somewhat serious, yet he likes to joke around and have fun together with the team. When he’s not at the stove, Nicolò can often be found at the gym. Nicolò is also interested in cars and technology in general, which is why he can definitely tell you one or two exciting facts.

Favourite places in the region:
The nature and the ski resort LAAX.

The best thing about Peaks Place and s’nani is…
… the team and the high quality ingredients in the restaurant s’nani.

Chef de Service at s’nani


Lara grew up in the canton of Aargau and completed an apprenticeship as a hotel manageress. Laax has become her new home. Because Lara likes the fact that so many different nationalities from all over the world come here together. She also loves the calm and the breathtaking nature of the region. Lara loves being a hostess and is particularly interested in the well-being of other people. That’s why the empathetic Aargauer loves to cook for people and do something good for them. On her days off, she enjoys swimming in the beautiful lakes of the Grisons.

Favourite places in the region:
Lake Cauma and Lake Cresta, as well as the numerous mountains – especially in winter when there is enough snow for snowboarding or skiing.

The best thing about Peaks Place and s’nani is…
… that it’s like a home and Lara enjoys coming to work every day anew.

Service at s’nani


Patricia is happiest when she goes hiking. Because with every step towards the peak, worries become smaller and smaller and her head becomes freer and freer. After graduating from the hotel management school, Patricia quickly realized that her thirst for knowledge was not yet satisfied and then completed a further education course in Switzerland. Thus, she was able to deepen her knowledge in various gastronomic establishments over the last few years and has now been with us at Restaurant s’nani for two seasons.

Patricia is originally from Slovakia and enjoys, besides hiking and skiing, spending time with her family, friends or her godchild.

Favourite places in the region:
Generally, nature and the mountains. Because of their diverse and beautiful landscape, they have a very special charm. If you like to be out in nature, you will find paradise here in the region.

The best thing about Peaks Place and s’nani is…
… the tranquility you feel even during exciting times. Working at Peaks Place is a wonderful experience for me.

About us: Team of Peaks Place s'nani Patricia

Head of Housekeeping


After nine years in the vibrant city of Bern, our cheerful Tamara from Safiental Versam returned to her roots in Graubünden in 2023. As a trained housekeeping specialist with further training as a hotel housekeeping manager, she brings a wealth of knowledge and skills with her to Laax. Tamara is known for her open and outgoing personality. As an optimist with strong empathy, she contributes significantly to the warm and friendly atmosphere in the Peaks Place team.

When she’s not with us demonstrating her organisational skills, Tamara enjoys meditating or trying out new recipes in the kitchen. Perhaps her wanderlust will draw her back to her second home in Thailand, where she gathers new inspiration.

Favourite places in the region:
One of her favourite places in the Flims Laax Falera region is the Rhine Gorge, with its beautiful viewpoints, where she likes to linger and enjoy the fresh Alpine air.

The best thing about Peaks Place is…
… definitely the strong team spirit among the employees, the respectful interaction and the warm atmosphere that make Peaks Place a special place to work.



Our wonderful, always cheerful cleaning fairy Lorena has now been with us at Peaks Place since the summer of 2022. Before that she lived in Portugal and worked in some gastronomic establishments. Lorena loves to discover new things, which makes the region of Laax a perfect place for her: friendly people around, a beautiful and diverse landscape and the breathtaking mountains.

Lorena loves to share her good mood with everyone, so you can’t help but wear a smile on your face yourself!

Favourite places in the region:
The mountains and lakes throughout the region, such as Lake Cauma.

The best thing about Peaks Place is…
… the people who work here – everyone is so welcoming and friendly.

About us: Team of Peaks Place La Senda Lorena

Night porter


Guilherme comes from Portugal and is our new night porter since the end of January 2023. Ambitious and eager to learn as he is, Guilherme likes to take on new challenges to expand his knowledge and learn new things. In his free time, Guilherme likes to go to a beach or river and enjoy the sound of the rushing water. Meeting his friends and doing something with them or playing soccer are also among his favorite activities.

Since Guilherme has only been in the region for a short time, there is still a lot for him to discover, but so far he likes the beautiful nature and landscape here best.

Favourite places in the region:
The mountains and lakes in the region.

The best thing about Peaks Place is…
… the people at Peaks Place and cooperation among each other – everyone helps everyone.

Shuttle driver, night porter


Nikos has been driving our guests to and from the cable cars by shuttle since 2015. Nikos is originally from Rhodes, the largest of the Greek Dodecanese islands, where he worked at the reception desk of the Hotel Mediterranean. On his days off, Nikos can be seen skiing on the slopes and kite surfing in summer.

The friendly and open Greek loves contact with guests, which is why you can always have interesting conversations with Nikos – even during the short drive from Peaks Place up to the cable cars.

Favourite places in the region:
Bargis and Curnius. Nikos also really likes nature and the mountains in general.

The best thing about Peaks Place is…
… that the team is like one big family. The infrastructure at Peaks Place is also great!

Peaks Place Team Nikos
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