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Out into nature with

Experience the nature in Flims Laax up close

Let us show you the most beautiful natural phenomena on foot or by E-Bike

On each tour you will be with a scientifically trained guide from «outdoorerlebnisse». You will learn a lot about the geology, the plants and the sights of the region, for example:

  • UNESCO World Heritage Sardona
  • Martin’s Hole (largest rock gate in the Alps)
  • Flims rockslide (second-largest rockslide in the world)
  • 5-lake tour (idyllic karst and rockslide lakes)
  • Rhine Gorge («Grand Canyon of Switzerland»)
  • Lower and Upper Segnesboden, one of the largest alluvial plains in the Alps
  • World famous Glarus main overthrust, a «Mecca» for geologists
  • Tree-top walk (the longest in the world)
  • Megaliths
  • Prehistoric settlement
  • Bike tour from the pre-glacier to the Rhine Gorge

 Discover new things

Family tours – A unique experience

All tours are a new experience for young and old. Explore a new path, discover nature places, listen to the sounds of nature, watch the starry sky, enjoy a long photo stop, make a fire, slide over the snow, listen to exciting stories and understand the formation of the stones.

Verstehe die Entstehung von Steinen

Experience natural phenomena

Biking and hiking in the UNESCO World Heritage Sardona

The Tectonic Arena Sardona belongs to the Champions League of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The unusual thing is that older rocks, which were deposited in the equatorial region of what is now Africa, overlie much younger rocks. Scientists from around the world make pilgrimages here.

Let a professional GeoGuide, on foot or by E-Bike, show you the most beautiful places to experience all these phenomena.

Weltberühmte Glarner Hauptüberschiebung und Martinsloch - das Mekka der Geologen
World famous Glarus main overthrust and Martin’s Hole – the Mecca of geologists

The largest rock gate in the Alps

Hike to Martin’s Hole

Almost nowhere on earth can the geological processes of mountain building be experienced as obviously as at the Martinsloch in the UNESCO World Heritage Site Sardona. Hike with a guide to the world-famous Glarus Main Overthrust and experience the Martin’s Hole up close.


Das Martinsloch, das grösste Felstentor der Alpen mit Steinböcken
The Martin’s Hole, the largest rock gate in the Alps with ibexes

On wheels on the road

E-bike tour to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Sardona

The UNESCO World Heritage Site Sardona not only contains geological highlights, but is also a scenic gem. Thus, two attractive high alpine alluvial plains rich in plant diversity are located in its area.

E-Bike-Tour ins UNESCO-Welterbe Sardona

Views of the impressive Rhine Gorge

Rhine Gorge Tour by E-Bike

9450 years ago, the Flims landslide, the second largest rockslide in the world, crashed into the valley. Around 15 cubic kilometers of material were deposited. Through these masses of debris, the Rhine carved the imposing Rhine Gorge, the «Swiss Grand Canyon».

Ride your E-Bike through the Rhine Gorge and let the guide show you the most beautiful trails and highlights.

Experience the impressive Rhine Gorge

5-lake tour with the E-Bike

Explore the five idyllic lakes of the region Flims Laax by E-Bike. For example, the turquoise Lake Cauma or an unknown hidden lake that resembles a crater landscape.

Entdecke die 5 idyllischen Seen

The tree-top walk in Laax

Tree-top path guided tour

The «Senda dil Dragun», the longest tree-top path in the world, not only connects the two districts of Laax Murschetg and Laax village. The 1.56 kilometer long walkway also offers a diverse variety of plants and animals. Experience the longest tree-top path in the world with its two towers and four platforms with an experienced guide who will tell you a lot about the second largest mountain trunk in the world, as well as about nature, geology and culture.

Baumwipfelpfad-Führung: Längster Baumwipfelpfad der Welt

Private unique tours

Individual Adventures

Would you like to experience a private tour, off the tourist track, without other guests, just the way you like it? Whether on foot or by E-Bike, you can decide everything yourself – the highlights, the level of difficulty and much more. Book a tour with «outdoorerlebnisse», the tours are suitable for all ages, for families, couples, groups or individuals.

Tell outdoorerlebnisse your ideas and the guide will put together a tour to suit your taste.

Individuelles E-Bike-Abenteuer

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