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On the road with mountain guide Curdin Cavegn

Tour report to Bifertenstock

Off to the Bifertenstock

Up to the «Piz Durschin» with Curdin Cavegn

Together with local mountain guide Curdin Cavegn, we set off on a two-day tour full of discoveries up to the 3, 419 meter high Bifertenstock – or as we locals call it here, «Piz Durschin».

In this report you will learn everything about this adventurous trip. Read on and experience the two-day tour on the «Piz Durschin» at first hand – and maybe you’ll want to join one yourself.

All beginnings are difficult

An impressive ascent

The impressive mountain range is located above Brigels and cannot be mistaken due to its characteristically special rock stratification. Furthermore, it can already be seen very well from Ilanz and even from the ski resort of Flims Laax Falera. The Bifertenstock can be climbed in various ways, depending on one’s mountaineering skills. However, the ascent through the «Bänderweg» is particularly imposing and varied. From a distance, it is hard to believe that you can cross this wall through the amphitheater cauldron. But whoever completes this tour will know better afterwards.

On the first day we drive up by car to Alp Quader at 1’904 m.a.s.l. From there we continue on a hiking trail that is a bit steeper in the beginning, but then stays more or less at the same altitude until we reach the Biferten hut at 2’482 m.a.s.l. We easily mastered these slightly more than 500 meters in altitude and 2.5 hours of marching time thanks to the breathtaking view of the Brigelserhörner, the Piz Tumpiv, the Bifertenstock and our destination for the day, the Kistenstöckli.

Further to our goal for the day

Cairns far & wide

Once we arrive at a small hut with a total of 20 sleeping places, we take a short break. A delicious Bündner barley soup and a fine «Plättli» may not be missing! Afterwards, we make our way again with light luggage to the Kistenstöckli. By the way, the Kistenstöckli is worth a day hike in and of itself.

Over a steep flank and some easy, short rock passages – where we are secured with chains – we then climb to the peak, which is littered with cairns. An overwhelming panorama shows itself to us, thanks to the blue Limmer reservoir, the Tödis and tomorrow’s peak goal.

Sunrise with breathtaking view

A new day begins

On the descent, we then experienced the highlight of the day: a rock goat and its fawn showed themselves a little below the peak. Back at the hut, a fine 4-course dinner awaits us, followed by a portion of sleep, because our alarm clocks will trill us out of our beds again already at 4 o’clock.

After a short material check the next morning, we march off in the light of the headlamp. The weather shows itself from its best side and we are excited about what will await us today. Together with our mountain guide, Curdin, we walk comfortably on a path, over rubble and boulders, up the flanks. Soon we can turn off the headlamps, as the beautiful mountain world begins to shine in the morning sun – A fantastic sunrise with the Kistenstöckli in the background shows up.

Across the amphitheater to the very top

Next goal: The peak cross

A few minutes later we see the amphitheater of the Bifertenstock for the first time – a picture you have to see once! Now it’s time for us to put on our climbing harness and helmet and rope up.

Curdin leads us over the different sections of the path, once a little narrower, then again over a slightly wider plateau. Surprisingly, there is always something like a small hiking trail. Fascinated by the breathtaking mountain scenery in which we find ourselves, time flies. To get to the summit plateau, we now have to climb up a small firn field and some sections similar to a via ferrata. Once at the top, a long ledge covered with ice appears and in front the peak cross, which we reach after a good 30 minutes.

Already new tours in sight

Pure peak happiness!

Finally, we made it! Arrived at the goal, Curdin tells us the story about the peak cross, which he and three of his colleagues have disassembled in 2012, carried up and attached to the top. Afterwards we have a small snack and enjoy the view with the possible next peak targets, such as the very nearby Tödi. Afterwards, we return to the hut via the imposing amphitheater.

Back home exhausted & satisfied

Peak experiences that you won’t forget

Back at the Biferten hut, the obligatory Möhl and cake awaits us before we continue down to the car and drive home tired but satisfied with a backpack full of experiences.

It’s worth taking this varied tour to the Bifertenstock, because everything is included, from hiking on the Bänderweg, to crossing glaciers, to a short via ferrata and abseiling.

Abb.7 Abstieg vom Gipfel und Blick in den Bänderweg

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